Black Friday deals are starting early this year and Warlord Games has a lot to check out! Definitely digging that Konflict crawler with the heavy railgun.

Black Friday 2020

From now until 30th November, you can take advantage of special Black Friday deals across our range. There are bundles galore for many of our game systems that can net you a saving of up to 25%. But hurry, quantities are limited!

Be sure to head back to the Warlord webstore regularly over the next month as we add new deals!
We also have a shedload of one-off special offers. You can grab a hold of select infantry boxes, books or even starter armies for a spectacular saving.

Now Available in the Warlord Webstore:

Bolt Action - Sd.KFZ 10 Demag Halftrack

The SDKfz 10 participated in the Invasion of Poland, the Battle of France, the Balkans Campaign, in North Africa and Italy, and on both Western and Eastern fronts, dependably towing small guns such as the  2 cm FlaK 30, the 7.5 cm leIG, or the 3.7 cm PaK 36 anti-tank gun.

In Bolt Action, the DeMag serves as an inexpensive and dependable tow, whilst also capable of transporting six infantry. Its presence throughout the war lends itself to most German armies.

Sd.KFZ 10 Demag Halftrack

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The SD.KFZ 10 Demag Halftrack is also available bundled with stowage and artillery pieces for convenience:

Bolt Action - 40M Nimrod SPAA Gun

The Nimrod is a Hungarian self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on the Swedish L-62 Anti II anti-aircraft gun. It was developed independently of the Swedish design, and utilised a new turret design. The chassis was an enlarged version of the Landsverk L-60 tank, which was produced under license in Hungary as the 38M Toldi. The Nimrod had a six-man crew, consisting of a commander, a driver, two loaders and two gunners.

40M Nimrod SPAA Gun

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Bolt Action - Hungarian 37M medium Artillery

Designed and built by Skoda, this howitzer was first fielded by the Austro-Hungarian army during the first world war. The 100mm gun proved to be particularly useful as an infantry support weapon, and over 6,500 would be procured by Austria-Hungary. It would remain in service with the Hungarian and Italian armies during WW2, with some seeing service with the German Wehrmacht.

Hungarian 37M medium artillery

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Konflikt '47 - Zeus-X with heavy rail gun

The Zeus panzermech was built to operate as a tank hunter in difficult terrain or to assist the Thor panzermechs in reaching their urban targets. Unsuited to the urban role, once the Thors were delivered to the target, the Zeus often protected the flanks of an assault, preventing enemy armour from cutting off the attacking forces’ lines of supply.

Now equipped with a heavy railgun, the formidable Zeus is even more deadly, able to take on the heaviest enemy tanks and walkers!

Konflikt 47: Zeus-X with heavy rail gun

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