Space Marine Heroes 3 is out and this time with Death Guard and of course some nurglings mixed in. 

via WarCom

Space Marine Heroes is back! After featuring an Ultramarines Tactical Squad and then a Blood Angels Terminator Squad, the new series of models features a range of Nurglings! Ok, since they technically don’t count as Space Marines, they’re accompanied by some Death Guard warriors. Today, we’re taking a look at these models and letting you know how you can get your hands on them.

Let’s start off with taking a look at the amazing new Nurglings that will soon be scurrying across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. Aren’t they all so disgustingly cute?

The new Space Marines Heroes are available in one of two ways – you can either order individual blind boxes from the webstore to receive one of the new models at random, or you can get a dispenser featuring all six models online or from your local Warhammer shops and friendly local gaming stores. Getting the dispenser guarantees that you get one of each model.

So, to recap, you can:

A) Buy individually online from – you’ll get a random model


B) Buy a full dispenser from your local Warhammer shop, Independent stockist or – get all 6.

You can start pre-ordering Space Marine Heroes 3 from Saturday.

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