Ive been itching to really hear some additional solid info on Deathguard and Mortarion. Doing my normal digging I have a couple little bits here from the forums that really do not say a whole lot, but may satisfye your cravings for some 40k upcoming releases.

There is a lot of speculation on when exactly we will see Death Guard, and the only thing we know for certain is that they are coming and Warhammer Fest in May has painting seminars with the new models.

For now its still very likely that we will see at least 1 more week of AoS Kharadron Overlords, if not 2.

The video that has been on our mind from the Warhammer Community

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Sure, in saturday seminar with design studio there was open question and only like 12 guys in the room. We asked a bunch of questions and one was "what was it like to write the rules for Mortarion?" and the reply was "we didn't write them but we read them and, wow." Read into that what you will but  I'm stoked and would be very surprised if we don't see him within a month of the DG release. Not rumor or leak really, just from the ask the design studio seminar. It's totally possible he's not coming...though I personally really doubt that. 

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Hmmm after watching the video for the hundredth time biggrin.png I noticed something to both sides of the awesome dude with the horns and long tongue

Now is it me or do those blocky objects look awfully like vehicles and they don't seem to be any of the rhino chassis ones so could we be getting a new Nurgle vehicle as well. Yes it is only artwork but GW wouldn't have it if it wasn't some how connected to the deathguard release

GW's Warhammer Fest in May includes a Death Guard painting seminar

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