Last week Forgeworld put up some advertised miniatures that could be used for Shadow Wars, and many people were excited at the possibility of rules. One of our readers got an answer back from Forgeworld regarding when we might see these.

via a reader on Faeit 212
I reached out to FW and asked if they had any plans to release Shadow War: Armageddon rules for their advertised miniatures and this is the response I got back. Kind of expected but still a bit of a bummer. Looks like they are in fact only stand-ins and are not getting any specific Shadow War: Armageddon rules any time soon.

"Thanks for contacting us. We are sure that at some point the Forge World studio will get round to creating Armageddon rules for our models but at the moment their schedule is fairly hectic so we are not certain when this will be unfortunately, sorry."
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