Bumped into these guys today locally. Entertaining and fun podcasts to check out. You always need a good podcast while painting or putting together your models.


Ep. 42: Frontline Gaming Intervenes
Apr 16, 2017
Frankie and Reece drop pod into this episode of the Heroic Intervention Podcast with storm bolters a'blazing! We discuss the history of the Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC), the future of the ITC, their budding relationship with Games Workshop, and their hopes and dreams for the future of the game! Buckle up because this one is going to Intervene so hard you'll need full protective gear.

We also want to welcome two brand new sponsors to the HI team: TwoPlusTough.com and HammerheadGames.net! Be sure to check out all of our awesome sponsors, and we thank our generous Patreon subscribers (the mighty Hall of Heroes!), and Incompetech!


Ep. 41: Armageddon at Adepticon
Apr 10, 2017
A little bit of a late drop this week! But FEAR NOT! We are here to chat hobby caves, news and rumors including some thoughts on Shadow War: Armageddon. Then we get a little salty about Adepticon and the state of 40k content and tournament organization.


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