A little bit more information has made its way out to the blogosphere about how 8th edition is handling melee combat, cover, and a few more answers to our questions.

This is via War of Sigmar originally from GeekjockPete

A few small info :
-Melee is by activation (like aos) So Charger hit first then each side activate a unit to attack. 
(I am not sure it needed the extra strike first after charge rule with the alternate activation from AOS. But do they have the 3" pile in move ?)

-Flyer rules are on the unit having them,so different flying rules are entirely possible. 
(I like it !)

-Legion and chapter traits are still there.

-Guard will have platoon (and by extension command and comms).

-Cover is like AOS

-No D weapon

-No shooting in/out melee

-Digital and phyisical book (A LOT are printed so no shortage)

-WW exclusive commands tanks are getting rules.

-Chaos and Imperium are similar to grand alliance book but xenos are more granular.

That's all
(Source is Pete twitter : GeekjockPete)

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