For people like me who still check the Warhammer App, its been in a dismal decline for quite some time with mostly video game and Black Library updates. So now it is going away, with all the information it does get, going straight to the Warhammer Community.

This is good. Already we have an overload of places to check, between every game's and sub-divisions facebook page and websites. Here is a link to the final notice and what they are saying on the Games Workshop Facebook pages.

For a couple of years now, the Warhammer News app has been bringing all the latest Warhammer news and features to your iOS and Android devices. With our triumphant return to social media, and the advent of the Warhammer Community site, the app has become a secondary destination to its larger cousins. 

To help make things as easy as possible for you to find out about all things Warhammer, we're going to move all the information from the Warhammer News app to the Warhammer Community site. So this weekend, we'll be saying goodbye to the Warhammer News app and powering it down. 

For all the latest news, releases and hobby articles you desire, check out, the home of Warhammer on the web.
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