Well we are getting some interesting information this morning, and this one makes it look like templates will be gone for the new edition of 40k.

This bit of info gives us a list of items that stores are being told are going to become obsolete..... and guess what, templates are on that list.

Please know that while this rumor looks solid, its not official that templates are gone,,,,, yet. It could very well just mean that we are going to be getting new ones to replace the current ones. So consider this a rumor please.

via sources on Faeit 212
With the reveal that 8th is coming GW has sent out an email to stockists about products that will become obsolete but are covered on the money back guarantee with the new edition of the game. Allot more things are going away but they just aren't covered by the money back guarantee so if you stock those products you wont get anything from GW to compensate so in the bargain/garbage bin they go.
Here is a list of  things that will become obsolete, do note that Universal Templates are on the list so that should confirm that there are no templates in 8th edition.

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