We all know of the huge shortage of Shadow Wars boxes that were made, as GW really underestimated how many people wanted these. But.... Just how many did they make? Well we have a little insight on that today with some pictures sent in of the box counts from a few countries.

Yes, there are still missing countries, not to mention the stock they did not ship and was for online sales, but this still gives a better bit of insight than we had before.

I wonder if anyone knows the box count for other countries.

Sent in via a reader on Faeit 212
I looking for buying lot of shadow war box... but out of stock everywhere...
but, I am sure that GW have made a mistake with the quantity of boxes making.
I have pic of the french, italian and german box, and I can found how many box are making.
1000 french
1500 german
350 italian

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