Something unique for the Fey Create a Faction contest today is a Humanoid cross-over race using Forbidden Knowledge. Cross over factions are those that use multiple Domain Books, creating opportunities for you to advance your faction using a combination of books (like humanoids and fey).

A race of Giant/Gods dedicated to War and Combat.
Therefore remember, distant peal of thunder may not just be arriving storm. It could mean Thunderlords march to war!

The Genesys Project
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Its simple to create and submit your Fey Factions. We want to see them, and see what can be made out of the new Fey Domain. Remember that one faction will be chosen at the end of the month, which will become the demo faction for the Fey and for the future starter set.

For some the true gods of war. For others the pure force of destrution. Unknow to all of them is the fact that Thunderlords represent advanced warrior society. To them war is the greatest honour and more personal kills mean bigger chance to get higher social rank. Thus, close combat is the prefered form of fighting for the warrior can take heads of slayed opponents as the evidence of his victory. Some warriors take to the battle enchanted items dedicated to the forces of Nature for good luck. And presence of Golems, living statues of their Dieties, is intepreted as a good omen, forseeing victory in the battle.

Therefore remember, distant peal of thunder may not just be arriving storm. It could mean Thunderlords march to war!






Previous Factions
for the Fey Create a Faction Contest going on through the entire month of April

They are Legions of Light pushed to eternal war for crimes committed long ago.

Bent on fast and hard melee combat, with dangerous shapeshifters that are able to infiltrate into the opponents ranks

Cult of Atlantis
as Atlantis crumbled, the Atlanteans offered up their souls to dark powers, and so, although Atlantis was no more

The Cyhyraeth
"Whoever reads this, be warned...The darkness has come...It is uncompromising, unending and it will devour you as it has done my people...Death itself fears the Cyhyraeth..."

"The Keepers can foresee glimpses of death and darkness in the distant future, and they believe everything must be guided along their path to ensure the survival of all realms."

Feratu Legion
"For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment ..."

The Ignosi, Eternal Knowledge
"In the eternal war for absolute truth, the Ignosi have lost their way. While in the pursuit of knowledge, the Ignosi allowed deception and lies to filter into their core being"

The Rebel Forge
Demonic Engines of Destruction constructed to destroy Humankind. Their own survival hinges upon the ending the sins of mankind once and for all.

Ansi Efir
Ansi Efir were created from the broken shards of the primal god known as Fae. They seek to hunt down and destroy the cosmic horror that caused their creation by killing the Fae. 

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