Forgeworld just does Dwarves right. Another amazing model, that I would love to see from some different angles. (close ups of that chariot wagon)

via The Warhammer Community

At the forefront of Dain Ironfoot’s army ride the Iron Hills Chariots. Intent on nothing less than the total destruction of their foes, they smash through shieldwalls and cleave apart those unfortunate enough to find themselves in the path of their bladed wheels.

Each mighty chariot is pulled along by six rams and crewed by four highly skilled Iron Hills Dwarves, one of whom fires the rapid fire bolt thrower.

Fans of The Hobbit™: Strategy Battle Game should keep their eyes peeled over the next few weeks for the arrival of the most impressive chariot in Middle-earth™, and each one comes with either a driver or the option of an Iron Hills Captain to command it.
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