A couple bits of information here, one involving an upcoming Advent Calendar from Games Workshop, and a rumor that we might be seeing some sort of holiday special with Black Friday in a couple days..

Advent Calendar
Information on an Advent Calendar from Games Workshop this year. From the upcoming White Dwarf. Of course I can't read German... So if someone wants to jump in and help?


This is what I have so far... for a translation
via Loyalist87 on Warseer
-Includes 48 downloads
-2 per day
-one for 40k and one for AoS
-a new Story over CSMs and Bloodbound Warhordes
-a new "Battleplan" in the Realm of Chaos
-new "Age of War" rules for the Age of Sigmar
-or new Painting Guides
-at the beginning (first day?) there is a generator for Chaos Warbands for AoS (It's a mini campaign were you can fight agains other Warbands and win prestige and more followers)

Black Friday?
Take the following part as a rumor, until more information can be had.
via a reader on Faeit 212
Something you might be interested in. A good friend (who works at GW) told me that they will be running Black Friday deals this year.
He won't say what just yet though.

Additional Info
-thanks Mistwarden!
via Mistwarden from the Comment Sections Faeit 212.
Can chime in about the black friday, will be run Friday Saturday and Sunday with exclusive bundles, think army boxes, stores find out what tomorrow in the briefing 

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