This week is interesting as there are lots of bundles, War Zone Damocles, Assassins, Heroes, and datacards for both Cadians and Farsight Enclaves. A big change from the single model releases that we have been seeing for weeks at a time.

Here is what's new this week from Games Workshop..... Pre-orders are just starting up in Australia, New Zealand, so hold tight they will get here.

New This Week from Games Workshop

Battlegroup Hammerblow
Strike Force Cryptus
Ranged Support Cadre
Space Marine Battle Demi-Company
Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Maniple
Relicos Militarum
Counterstrike Cadre
Riptide Wing
Cult Mechanicus Elimination Maniple

War Zone Damocles: Mont'ka and Kauyon
War Zone Damocles (Limited Edition)
War Zone Damocles: Mont'Ka (Hardback)

Leman Russ Tech-Command
Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought
Blood Angels Chaplain With Jump Pack
Blood Angels Captain In Terminator Armour

Callidus Assassin
Eversor Assassin
Culexus Assassin
Vindicare Assassin

Warhammer 40,00 Datacards: Cadians
Warhammer 40,000 Datacards: Farsight Enclaves
Freeblade Transfer Sheet
Imperial Knight Warden and Freeblade Transfer Sheet

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