This is from a couple days ago, and the rumor here seems more like people just talking about what they would want, so I left it out. However, its Sunday, time for something a little light.

A tank like this would be very big on my list of things to pick up, so I this would be very cool if it was true. It could also be a variant of some kind, since its all very vague at the moment.

Please take with some extra salt.

via lordbeefy on Warseer
30K tank rumour
I heard an interesting one today from outside my normal gossip circle and i bounced the idea to my normal gossip/rumour guy....he got a funny look on his face and said no comment.

Anyway, the gossip relates to a plastic sicaran battle tank being released in the first quarter next year when the 30k line goes mainstream in GW stores.

Usual pinch of salt applies but thrown out there for comments.
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