The Everchosen Battletome is up this week, as is a new model release, Knights of Ruin. Check out the prices and the leaks from White Dwarf this morning for look at the new models and the cover of White Dwarf

Knights of Ruin $100 3 miniatures
Everchosen Battletome $58
Everchosen Battletome Limited Edition $200

via Gametrust this morning,warhammer-age-sigmar-bilder-wd-97-battletome-everchosen-varanguard,id47532.html

The release list shows the "Battletome: Everchosen" and a "Varanguard, 
Knights of Ruin" kit (3 miniatures for $100). The teaser talks about a 
flying wizard or sorcerer.

There are more pictures in our gallery:,list1275,1,white-dwarf-97.html
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