I still like the look of the old school rhinos, and the Forgeworld appears to be creating a command variant for the old MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino. There is also a very nice looking Siege Dreadnought that was painted up for the Forgeworld Bulletin yesterday morning.

The Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought has been more than a little popular, much more than a little.  It’s not surprising though, it’s a massive, hulking war machine that’s built to smash through fortress walls and pound anything in front of it to scrap... who wouldn’t want that in their army? It’s been really popular in the Forge World Studio too, and I know we’re going to see plenty more added to armies soon.

Mark Bedford has just put the finishing touches to his double storm cannon wielding Leviathan, and he’s made good use of the Word Bearers Legion transfers. It’s a perfect addition to a Betrayal at Calth Word Bearers force.

While checking out the latest Leviathans in the Studio I also caught sight of a new Space Marine vehicle in development. It looks to me like an older pattern of Damocles Command Rhino for Legion armies, take a look...

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