This morning the White Dwarf leaks are hitting and they include Archaon, his Warscroll (in German), next weeks hints, and two expansions for the Age of Sigmar. Check out the latest.

via Gametrust,warhammer-age-sigmar-bilder-wd-96-archaon-warscroll-release-liste,id47369.html

As some expected it, the Grand Marshal is indeed Archaon (Exalted Grand
Marshal of the Apocalypse). The teaser text for next week is about some
chaos champions, but refers to Varan (the translation of the place
"Varanspitze" could be Varan Peak). So we could head back to 40K.

There are more pics in our gallery, including the Archaon Warscroll:,list1273,1,white-dwarf-96.html
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