We have seen the new Blood Angel Chaplain, and now there are more images appearing from the leaked Warhammer Visions showing off the other releases that are coming. We can assume these are coming within the following couple weeks.

Thanks for linking these up aracersss

Officio Assassinorum Eversor Assassin $32
Officio Assassinorum Callidus Assassin  $32
Officio Assassinorum Cullexus Assassin $32
Officio Assassinorum Vindicare Assassin  $32
Blood Angels Terminator Captain $33
Blood Angels Chaplain $33
Bundle A Leman Russ and a Techpriest $75

Also sources are confirming that this is not a price increase for Betrayal of Calth, but instead this was the originally listed price and it was lowered to before corrections could be made to the magazine.

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