About a week ago I received a new Dropzone Commander FAT Mat from Frontline Gaming. The FAT Mats I already have are very nice, and are the only mats I have been using over the last year. Everything else has just fallen by the wayside and doesnt get used here when games are hosted.

The carrying case for FAT Mats have gotten much better since the first batch that I had long ago when they first came out. These cases are solid with a nice zipper, carrying handle, and a tag to tell me which mat I am picking up. Previously the they came in a nylon bag, both of which have since ripped. This is a great improvement. I think I need to call up Frontline and see if I can replace some of the old cases I have with new ones. I wonder how much they would charge? The new cases are just so much better.

Ive talked before about the quality of these mats, and how durable and literally how waterproof they are. Water, soda, and even ale, quickly bead up on the mat and flow downhill very quickly. Ive really liked the different designs they have come up recently, and I am thinking that I will be expanding my mat collection for games here in-house.

Now the Dropzone Commander Mat is fantastic and quite clever in it's design. I am showing a few pics here of the buildings and how the graphics evenly match up with the size of the buildings, so that you can vary the look of your gaming mat.

While at first I thought the darkness of the DzC mat was going to look a little off, (mainly because I use a lot of the DzC tiles which are brighter), I instantly liked the darker color of the mat once I had the terrain set up on it. It really makes the buildings stand out, and fits in better with the painted armies.

If your are a Dropzone player these gaming mats are a huge benefit to your gaming table. I highly suggest them. They are just that much nicer than using the tiles that you can get for DzC. Lets just hope that Frontline gets the chance to make Dropfleet mats in the near future.

I would have to say the only downside is that they can get costly, especially if you need to have several for your gaming needs. However, I have used the mats here for quite a long time and they have not faded or worn badly in any way.

At the end of last year, I gave out a FAT Mat that I purchased for a giveaway.

Here are a couple more reviews of the FAT Mats over at The Plastic Crack Blog and Miniwargaming. Here also is a link to this mat if you are looking to get one.


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