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How to weather a primarch!
Just want to say two things, firstly the FW primarch kits are lovely to work with! 

Secondly, the GW technical paint range is (imho) the, THE best thing since sliced bread! When they first came out I thought meh, I'll never use them. How things change! 

Nihilakh oxide brings pipes to grimy life (tutorial from GW is good too). Typhus corrosion, even though it totally wrecks your brush, is really good on its own (I apply a heavy layer then dab away with tissue). Couple typhus with a dry brush of ryza rust and it looks amazaballs! Hopefully you all agree with the Lord of Death himself below!

I already use blood from the blood God on anything remotely night lords-y, I thought it was about time the others got a look in.


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