We have a huge number of Shaltari pics to take a look at. Again, the amount of detail Hawk puts into their models is visually stunning. These are from the just painted up studio models that Hawk Wargames is just releasing to a few key sites today (here and BoW).


First the Updates........ New Stretch Goals
2,459 backers
$547,659  pledged of $61,066 goal  (over £358k)
16 days to go

Update #16 - Stretch Goal unlocks up to £575,000
Posted by Hawk Wargames
A shorter update today, listing the unlocks that we have planned up to £575k (with those after the Frigate Bonanza to be announced as we hopefully approach £500k). We will have more information about each as we near the unlocks - so while we will answer some questions about them, others we will have to keep quiet about until then! Here they are:

£370k – Activation card pack
£390k – (Free to all Backers) Deluxe rulebook extras for all rulebooks
£400k – UCMF Admiral T-shirt
£415k – (Free to all Backers) Desktop and screen saver assets download pack
£425k – (1 Free to each High Rank Backer) Civilian Cruise liner (ship and base)
£440k – Eden Prime Map pack
£460k – Deluxe cluster upgrade pack (resin)
£475k – Dropfleet Commander Poster range
£500k – Frigate Bonanza
£525k – ???
£550k – ???
£575k – ???

Final Day unlock: (Free to all Backers) Dropfleet Commander KS exclusive T-Shirt
We will be updating the main campaign page with this information soon.
kind regards,
The Hawk Team

I will have more later..... Just a lot of images to share.

Shaltari Amber Class Cruiser

Shaltari Emerald Class Mothership

Shaltari Granite Class Cruiser

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