Lord Inquisitor is finally coming around with something to see!!! We have been waiting for this for a long time, and a prologue is now set to be released in April of next year. That is excellent news.

Here is the new Marcus Teaser


The Lord Inquisitor - Seed of Ambition. 
I'm proud to announce the final title for the movie we're making in our free time. As promised, here is the new teaser fresh out of the oven showcasing the final model of our main character: Inquisitor Marcus Allenbrisk.

Also I promised special announcements, so here they are:
April 2016 will be the release date for the Prologue, meaning roughly the first 4 minutes of the movie. One Year later follows the complete film which will be around 20min in runtime.
Sadly the Machine spirit is not ready to boot yet and we have to wait a few more days until the brand new website will go online.

In the meantime please enjoy this little teaser and be excited for April next year, the prologue will show an incredible awesome scene smile emoticon Incredible amounts of sweat and blood went into creating this quality - free for everybody to watch and from fans to fans.
Best regards,
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