Space Wolves are Coming soon, and with them are 4 box sets that are coming with the codex. I am hoping for a codex early in the release schedule, instead of the Ork syndrome of the codex appearing in the third week.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
With the Codex release, there will come new Boxed Sets:

-Sky Claw Pack - 5 Marines with Jump Pack
  1x Space Wolves sprue, 1x old Assault Marine Jumppack sprue

-Long Fang Pack - 5 Marines and Razorback
  1x Space Wolves sprue, 1x Devastator Weapon sprue, 1x Razorback & Rhino sprues

-Retinue of the Wolf Priest - 1x Wolf Priest, 10x Wolf Guard
  1x Wolf Priest sprue, 2x Space Wolves sprues, 1x Space Marine Command Squad sprue

-Ragnars Great Company - 1x Wolf Lord, 5x Terminators, 20x Grey Hunters / Blood Claws, 3x Drop Pod
  1x Wolf Lord sprue, 1x Space Wolves Terminator sprue, 4x Space Wolves sprues, 3x Drop Pod sprues
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