Late last night I posted up the very latest on what to expect out of an Apocalypse release, and it basically comes down to models for CSM, Necrons, Books, and Terrain. The most important piece of information is to realize that the release is set for July 13th, not the 6th like previously thought.

So check out below for even more details.

Please remember that until something is officially released, everything is considered to be rumors.

Link to last nights information

Via Warseer's The Dark General
It's a dual kit approx size of baneblade box, but taller model. Makes either the Deathdealer or Lord of Battles.

Also there's a bunch of new data sheets, inlcuding some for those of us that bought multiple NEW models

It's also NOT the only Chaos models coming out, along with a few other Khorne...speedy guys...

Approx price is $125

via Best_Pone
Let's see now...
You've already seen the Chaos and Necron superheavies.
You'll also get some fortifications - giant gun/missile emplacements and the like. These are also designed to hook up with the Wall of Martyrs terrain.
As well as the Apocalypse rulebook, there's also a collector's edition and a gamer's edition.

via Opatija
got some quick information about the upcoming release. It´s "just" what the employees were told, which in some cases is not very reliable:

- Apocalyspe is mostly about formations with some minor benefits for the "units"
- There will be at least 2 waves for mini supply (Some of the missing miniatures will be released when their own 6th codex is)
- Each army is going to get a super heavy, beeing asked about such a huge release, they were told to keep the Allied Forces in mind, leaving Tyranids aside (speculated as an Imperial/SM Multipart kit) which will hit at around 125,-€ (It´s quite possible that the Chaos thing and the Monolith are the only ones! And Baneblades/Shadowswords are accessable via Allied Forces!)
- A large/multi part piece of Terrain fitting to the "Martyrs"-Line (80,-€/50,-€/30,-€)

All in all even the Employees are not very excited for the release so better don't expect to much when reading the rumours about those gigantic Release-Wave(s)

Gamers Edition - it's going to include templates and dice but one very curious thing was said: "...containing a Apocalypse Rulebook in your language"
It was specificaly mentioned. I would not have thought GW might release a English-Only Book....but then i was reminded of Dfts...

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