There is a sore spot hanging around 6th edition 40k. An out of place mark where an army just doesn't quite fit into the fold of 6th edition. That is the Tyranids codex in regard to Allies. Right now and since the onset of 6th edition it has felt like they have been left behind back in 5th edition.

While 6th edition has been exciting, fun, and the pace of releases exhilarating. I tend to feel that Tyranids are still back in 5th edition. Granted some of the rules are helpful for them, but I feel that this is a missed opportunity that I look forward to being rectified.

Tournaments, for example the TSFT Open coming to Portland here in September, have been gracious, and try and make up for this lacking. The tournament here is going to allow Tyranids to ally with themselves.

It is also rumored, and has been since March (not a new rumor), that Tyranids will be coming after Space Marines. This probably means the first of next year, or if lucky, the last part of this year. It will be interesting to see how Tyranids are going to turn out, and what Games Workshop does with them. I think this codex release is probably the one I am most interested in from a rules perspective.

Release Orders
Here are the release orders back from April. Nothing really new has come out since on the release order, and everything that has seems to come back to these originally posted rumors... although I have something exciting coming out first thing tomorrow morning, hint hint.

via Stickmonkey from the Faeit 212 inbox
May: High Elves
June: Eldar
July: Apocalypse
August: Lizardmen
September: Blood Bowl
October: Space Marines
November: Dwarves?
December: Hobbit
January: Tyranids
I had Dwarves a lot sooner than others, so its probably safe to leave a question mark.  It could possibly be brettonians or wood elves.   Im basing my prediction of Dwarves on where I recall them being design wise, which was right after lizardmen.

I've had multiple confirmations of space marines being the last 40k codex of 2013 and Tyranids being the first codex of 2014.

October is a Black Box release, blood bowl and Warhammer quest have come up, could be something surprisingly different...

When Hastings weighs in, I'd go with his schedule always.

via an Anonymous Source from the Faeit 212 inbox
Just Sayin,
1. Tau
2. Eldar
3. Space Marines
4. Nids/Ork tossup.
5. IG
6. The Nids or Orks that get pushed back.

via Hastings Release order discussion from warseer
Tau are next, then Eldar. Sisters, Templars, Orks, and probably Nids need books before IG does.

75hastings69 response
Not quite, remove sisters & Templars...... replace with SM & IG....... Although the order of them might be mixed up a bit

Oops my mistake, I thought you were listing the order, then I realised you were listing codex that need updating before IG ....... still a little further look ahead in the future of 40k never did any harm did it?

another posted question
I was under the impression it was Tau, Eldar, Orks, SM, Nids, then Guard?

75hastings69 answer.
Move the orks

via another anonymous source
Games Workshop is aiming for an army book/codex every month. Its high elves, eldar, apocalypse, lizard men, marines then tyranids. I'm just not sure of the months and whether marines are October or November and what was in between marines and tyranids.


  1. I'd love it if they had a rule stating an army consisting of BroodLords and Genestealers may ally with Imperial Guard or Orks. That'd make my day.

    1. I think that would make a lot of people's days.

  2. Im not arguing or complaining but I dont understand why they need to update the hobbit so quickly its still an infant, wouldnt they push it back further so they can give love to otherd that need it first

    1. I think tey are going to keep up with releases to tie into the movie releases each December.

    2. Because it doesn't matter how unpopular it is, how terribad the models are, or how little money it makes, they will be contracted for the releases and that will take priority.
      They have been stringing along loyal players for 10 years between codexes, they aren't suddenly going to put them ahead of a contract with a major movie franchise.

      Of course we will probably discover at some point in the future that the hobbit line was a flop and lost them money.

    3. Wasn't it mentioned that hobbit releases will come alongside WFB and 40k stuff, so it's not unreasonable to see a dual release of a new codex and hobbit update in December

  3. I always thought there could be fluff for allying Tyranids with someone else, say Imperial Guard, by using an Imperial Guard HQ unit that had some kind of 'hive mind emulator' to fool non-HQ Tyranids into following artificially generated hive orders.
    The only problem would be trying to use these pet Tyranids against real Tyranids, who may steal them back!

    1. That was always my answer, they should make a piece of wargear called a "synapse generator" that allows armies like imperial guard to take non synapse tyranid units as allies.

    2. I think the Hive mind gaining dominance over other races (such as in the case of genestealer cults) seems more plausible than anything like a "synapse generator". It also sort of cheapens the menace of Tyranids if they can be so easily tamed.

    3. Genestealer Cult is really the only ally that makes sense: Anphelion showed how well attempts to control the Tyranids go.

    4. Our soldiers are hard at work capturing a "brain bug," which we think can finally end this war for good. Would you like to know more?

    5. I would like to know more, yes.
      The only good bug is dead bug.

      Well, I was thinking more that with the lack of a Hive Mind that could control the Tyranid horde, another race could use the emulator to trick the lesser Tyranids into accepting orders. Like I added, if an HQ showed up then whatever. I don't play Tyranid, I only really tried to concentrate on my Tau.

    6. Fabius Bile had a secret base on a planet overun with Tyranids which he kept hidden by using pheremones to make them think there was nothing there, so if anyone could come up with a "synapse generator", it would be the Chaos Space Marines, not the IG.

    7. As has been said multiple times, I think a genestealer cult book, much like the eldar supplement could be a great way to both give an option for nid allies as well as making genestealers viable again.

      But for regular Tyranids, just update the book and give them a few more options so they don't need allies.

    8. What I would do is put an entry in the new Tyranid codex that talk about the "Tyranid" equivalent of some of the units that people might use for allies. Perhaps make a conversion box kit that goes along with it so that you can have Tryanid-absorbed Eldar, Necrons, etc. I don't see them allying, but I do see them gaining new creatures by absorbing the other races.

  4. I have to say the Tyranids not having allies strikes me as one of the least sore spots of the whole matrix. My Templars being better buddies with Eldar (abhor the witch) than Sisters of Battle (like in Hellsreach the novel) is just one such zany example.

  5. I like my tyranids without allies. Though im ready to have a spore and harpy model, in addition to a codex that allows for a greater variety of competitive builds.

    1. This - it's been kind of ridiculous that it's been over three years and they've only released models for about half the codex.

    2. I almost don't want my nids updated. I'm worried they will crush the psychic choir I have built

  6. I don't need allies for my nids, just give me back my 4th edition Carni's.

    1. I agree with part one of your statement, not with part two.

      Tyranids should never have Allies.

      The 4th edition Carnifexes were stupid. For one, they made for cut-and-paste army building that required no thought to construct, and no skill to play. 115 point gunboats that could also demolish things in cc? Elite slots and Heavy Support? With how easy it is to get cover now, this would be especially dumb. It doesn't feel like Tyranids, it requires no skill whatsoever, and would make Tyranids more mono-build than they already are.

      He's not that terrible now. He's cheaper to field the double Brainleech Worms than the Hive Tyrant is, and is no less effective at shooting or easier to kill. He could see a points drop, but I'd just prefer he had a clearly defined role in the army instead of dominating two FO slots, or being useless.

      He really should be the battering ram the fluff plays him out to be.

    2. I just wish that double Brainleech wasn't the only way to field him. The old HVC/BS with the +1 BS was good in heavy, and I used to run 1 or 2 cheap Screamers in elite. I just want more options in general. So tired of Tervigon, Flyrant, Hive Guard.

  7. I'm sure they will bring along Genestealer Cults through a Codex Supplement. An ever stranger, but cooler addition, would be Zoats. I still have a herd of those miniatures...

  8. If GW makes a Genestealer Cult supplement, I'll be a very happy gamer :D.

  9. I don't want them to have allies. Ever. And I play Tyranids. If there's anything sacred about the fluff, it's that Tyranids don't work with anybody, they have no capacity for diplomacy, and are completely alien to the galaxy.

    Please, PLEASE no allies, no hints that the Hive Mind is actually some fragment of a C'Tan or the Old Ones, and no fist-bumping between the Swarmlord and Asdrubal Vect.

    1. Depends how far back you go fluffwise, in late first ed early 2nd tyranids were quite different and had created the mentioned Zoats as an envoy species to facilitate communication lol

    2. The nature of Genestealers is to infiltrate and use native populations, so to me IG, Tau and Orks are prime candidates for this.

  10. They already can Ally according to my playgroup (or at least if someone plays me. Roll your One Eye Open check and fail them on a 1 and 2 (still testing that though, might need to be 1-3). Bam, done. Last I checked Games Workshop may make the rules for 40k but they sure as hell can't tell me or my opponent how to have fun.

  11. They actually need to release the Genestealers in their own supplement with their magi and their kickass limos. Anyone remember the limos??

    1. Yup- Warhammer 40K: Compilation, 1st edition.

  12. hope we ll have a vanilla nids codex, and a genestealers kult supplement. which would allow IG as allies. hahahah that would be evil! a rush of genestealers with the power of mechanised army.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Tyranids should have Allies. I don't understand how GW was so open-minded and fluff-savvy about some alliances, like Eldar + Dark Eldar, but decided to adamantly deny a single Ally to Tyranids.

    Tyranids shouldn't have any Battle Brothers, probably not many Allies of Convenience, but a couple Desperate Allies should be entirely doable. One Eye Open makes more sense with Tyranids than anyone else - it forces you to keep your crazy, hungry gribblies away from your ally.

    Imperial Guard, Orks, and Tau are all candidates for Genestealer Cult infestation, and would make fine Desperate Allies. Chaos Marines, Daemons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Necrons all seem like factions suitably evil or manipulative enough to use the Hive Fleet to their own ends, whether that means controlling or directing the Tyranids through sorcery, some alien technology that disrupts or directs their synapse, or something else. Fuck, radical Inquisition could probably get in on this too.

    It doesn't take a whole lot of thinking to come up with a couple excuses for Tyranid allies. I'm extremely disappointed GW. The Allies Matrix is mostly phenomenal and impressive, but the Tyranid lack of Allies just reeks of a lack of imagination on the part of the stubborn author.

  15. It actually makes more sense for them to be at least allies of convenience over desperate allies. Think about it, the genestealer culr would have infiltrated and implanted the hive mind on the planet. So they'll have psychic control over their ig allies

  16. I didn't know that about the Zoats so that's quite interesting. Maybe there could be a supplement that allows for certain builds to have allies but in the main I don't think that the concept of the Great Devourer (the one that lands and strips a planet clean of ALL life) with an ally really works. Can you imagine the Hive Mind saying "right, pick the land clean but just leave these guys alone"? I can't because surely the DNA of the strongest life form I.e. the winner would be the DNA that the Tyranids would really want to absorb?

  17. I agree with the tyranids supplement for allies those can be hybrids (humans or they can be orks or eldar that where implanted with a genestealers seed ...see space hulk rule book )

  18. One of the challenges we see in the book, is the lack of the fluffy "adaptation" hive strains - where they nids make specialty critters to deal with specific challenges.

    If they don't want to bring that flexibility to the main book, they can easily make a supplymental "codex" (similar to the new eldar one) and allow the main nids to ally with this supplemental book.

    The supplemental book could contain more specialized units as:
    For defensive nids (defending against a counter attack maybe?) spore cloud nids, nid version of an aegis line, big nid hatcheries etc.

    For nids dealing with a lot of flyers - flying gargoyle swarms that can do group assaults on flyers, etc.

    For underground or city fight nids: nids with camo, or more nids with "counts as assault grenades" etc.

    Basically, create specialized nids, but allow them as allies, so they don't take up normal FOC slots.

  19. I loathe the thought of Tyranid allies. Tyranids should be the ultimate alien force, with no similarities to other races - no negotiating, no reasoning, no mercy.

    Tyranids should be able to ally with themselves, if they must. Just write a better codex and it won't be needed. And don't give my any of that genestealer cult crap.

  20. I don't understand this Tyranids wipe out and destroy EVERYTHING that isn't tyranid.

    The only "ally" tyranids have are the genestealers but they are simply converted humans or other human like xenos, and once the plant has been wiped they kill all the genestealers anyway.

    The only reason why genestealers haven't "existed" as models is due to the only codex with actual rules for them are in the 3rd edition codex but no models ever came out bar the basic hulk genestealer models

    GW used to sell a Genestealer HQ unit so you could have hulk genestealer models with a tyranid army but that would have been in the mid 90's.


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