There are several items that are just splash releases, and I thought I would quickly go over what those are. Now the templates are a permanent stocked item, so no fear of losing these, and the largest of the templates......15". Wow. Thats a big boom.

Please remember that until something official is released, these are still classified as rumors

Imperial Targeting Templates includes
Apocalyptic Mega Blast Template 15"
New Barrage Template
Hellstorm Template
comes in a box

Temporary Items
Bombardment Dice Cube
125 dice
1's have an Adeptus Mechanicus Symbol on them
only available until sold out

Strategic Asset Cards
63 black reference cards
comes in an acrylic box
only available until sold out

Vortex Grenade Template
Looks similar to the old one (half dome and blue), but has a new design
only available until sold out


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  2. Duh - on the July Release list:
    Dice - $30, Vortex - $15, Cards - $15

    Didn't see one for the 15" template.

  3. Are the templates different than the old apoc templates?

    1. Picked up the WD today as WHSmith released it early here in Birmingham uk

      They are clear blue plastic and "snap" together for easier storage

      The barrage is 5/6 5" blast templates which look like they are attached to each other on one side and can 'bend' into different shapes such as a line, a cluster or a ring

  4. So that will be 1 barrage cube, 1 vortex, 1set of cards and 1 rulebook....
    So how much is that in pounds???

    1. A lot. The Imperial armour books are significantly better value. Are you really going to be playing that many apocalypse games?

    2. Nope it was more a joke than anything. As you said , imperial armour is much better value

  5. When will this be up for preorder?


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