Ok, this is an expensive book, so lets take a look at what it is and what is inside of it. Its a big book! Literally over twice the size of a hardback codex.

6th edition Hardback Codex (all of them) 104 pages
Iyanden Codex Supplement (assuming all will be) 72 pages
6th Edition 40k Rulebook 432 pages
and the new Apocalypse Hardcover full color book sits at 296 pages

Please remember that nothing official is here, and these are still considered to be rumors.

The upcoming Apocalypse hard cover book is going to retail for $74.25.

Here are some of the new features inside
New Strategic Assets
Divine Intervention
Finest Hour: Warlords becoming heroes of legend
Sons of the Primarch: Space Marine and Chaos Space Marines calling upon the power of their Primarchs
Unnatural Disasters: Fate of the planet is decided

11 new formation types with over 100 apocalypse formations
Also something called War Zone: Armageddon. Fighting historical battles

Apocalypse Gamers Edition (direct only)
"Vortex Grenade" Case and Apocalypse Book
Can hold 4 super heavies or 16 normal tanks
3000 copies only

Apocalypse Collectors Edition (direct only)
A themed Inquisitor Coteaz's travelling case
individually numbered 'Order of Exterminatus' certificate on the lid

Apoc book split into a hardcover mini rulebook, Showcase section, Warzones 2, Datasheets for every formation.

60+ Asset Cards
Fold Out Reference Screen
1500 copies only


  1. Not gonna lie... tempted by the Collector's Edition for this one.

    But I'll probably chicken out of dropping the cash and get the regular one.

  2. The collectors edition does sound awesome but I think it'll be out of my price range :(

  3. Looks great. I'll go for the standard edition.

  4. New assets are looking awesome :D

  5. Do want the Gamers Edition, but can't spare the money for it... sucks that the case is limited :(

  6. do i see this right 1500 Limited Ed only? Is that not even less than any dex (2000 copys) had?

  7. Collectors ed looks sound for once I may be going on the pre order page and the dwarf sounds good this month shamemine wont arrive for a week

  8. wonder when/if they'l start leaking pics for the different rulebooks. I'm actually kinda stoked for this release.

  9. I was visiting a newsagent and it looks like they had gone ahead and put out this months White Dwarf early. The collectors edition is certainly very tempting though quite out of my price range.

  10. My local newsagent also had a stack of White Dwarfs - the two special editions are very tempting, but £150 ($250) is a lot. I really only went in to see if they had any of the Eldar White Dwarf left from last month!

  11. "Sons of the Primarch: Space Marine and Chaos Space Marines calling upon the power of their Primarchs"

    Hm, perhaps a roundabout way of letting us include FW primarchs in our Apocalypse games?

  12. Anyone know if its a regular sized book or giant like the current apocalypse

    1. I was wondering this myself. As much as I like the large format, it got inconvenient very quickly.

  13. From the blog post...

    "296 pages"

    1. I meant A4ish or larger not pages. Thx anyway

  14. Any info yet about Grey Knight stuff on the Apocalypse book?

  15. I hope it's the same page size as 6th Ed rulebook, that oversized apoc book was awkward as hell to carry around in a book stack.

  16. I won't drop the $$ on the Apoc book. Most everyone around here only plays a 1500 pt army. My brother and I play 4000+ armies but few people can afford that size army these days. $75.00 for a book? That's a lot of miniatures. They should release an Apoc boxed set with miniatures at those kinds of prices.

    1. Where is $75.00 a lot of GW miniatures these days?



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