July 13th Warhammer World will be the location of a an event called " Enter the Citadel". It has a guest line up that makes me want to look for plane tickets to jump the pond, and take the day at the event.

Presenting guests include Jes Goodwin, Jervis Johnson, Phil Kelly, and many more. Its one day, and I am hoping that we get a reader or two that are very interested in going to this, so that we can get a first hand report on the event. Events like this often outshine Games Days, with a ton of great information and commentary from an all-star list of guests.

For more information head on over to White Dwarf Daily here

And Tickets can be purchased here
Enter the Citadel


  1. Wonder what the classified event is. Probably something apocalypse related.

    1. Return of the Squats? After all, they were reinserted in the BRB for a purpose...

  2. Went to the similar event last year and learned a lot about the process of writing 6th edition. Doubt I'll go this year but its a good day out.

  3. I might let you know next month. ;]

  4. Cruddy wont show his face at any of these events until the new nids codex washes his failure under the bridge.


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