The latest bit of information on the Apocalypse release is that it will not be the first Saturday of the month, but apparently the second on July 13th. While this breaks the release pattern we have been on for some time, I have heard this now from other sources, so it is very solid.

Also listed below, we will be seeing some new Apoc terrain, the two model kits releases, and of course the rulebooks. Check out more below

Please remember that these are rumors until we get something official

via BramGaunt over on Warseer
1st: There is a new rulebook, if anyone still questioned that. Complete overhaul. The scale of additional shenanigans will be the same as with a regular rulebook, as well as limited items. Probably a collectors- and a gamers edition aswell (allthough I am only guessing that!).

2nd: The kits we have seen so far cover all the miniatures there will be for now (Khorne "Skulldozer" and Necron "Monolith of Doom + 2D6"). However, there are three new pieces of terrain, which apperantly are of apocalyptic size. A different source told me of a 'commad citadel' behind which the Wraithknight could easily hide. 

3rd: Releasedate is the 13th of July, with Preorders starting the 29th (with the new WD, as usual). This is GW's big release this year.

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