I have two more formations that I have been told about, so I thought I would share. Chaos Space Marines are getting the Lost and Damned, while Orks will be seeing something called the Dread Mob.

These are but a drop in the bucket, as the Apocalypse book is 296 pages long, with over 100 formations in it.

Please remember that these are still considered rumors until we get something official

Dread Mob (Orks)
Consists of at least two Ork Deff Dreads, and 6 Killa Cans. Some Randomness involved as the formation can give the group extra bonus's to close combat, shooting, give it a kustom force field, and sometimes combine the effects

The Lost and the Damned (Chaos Space Marines)
It infiltrates, ignores pain, massive bonus's to assault, and destroyed units within the formation can be brought back to fight some more. 6 units of 10 cultists and a Dark Apostle make up this formation.


  1. These new formations along with strategic assets have me excited for apocalypse 2.0. It appears as if, along with new fortifications, players who don't own super heavy models will still be able to impact the table during an apocalypse game.

    1. It's good to hear that formations will be a significant factor even though there are still super-heavies on the table. The friend who got me into 40K said that standard tanks and troops were merely cannon fodder in the Apocalypse games he played back in the day. The leaked White Dwarf battle report suggests that non super-heavies can actually influence the game in the new version.

      That didn't stop me from buying a Shadowsword and a Baneblade in anticipation, though.

    2. the dread mob is the identical to what we had in apoc .1

      formations are still going to be more of a fun thing, since you pay points for them and they don´t do to much.

      Most important will be how Destroyer Weapons will be handeld, since they were the OP weapon of apoc so far.
      The 1st turn shooting is really the most desisif part of the game in apoc. You can win lose in the 2st turn with good D-weapon shoots. We will have to wait and see if this is going to be just more random formations that die to D-weapon blasts like nothing or if there is more to this apoc 2.0
      They really need to fix some units

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  3. Yep thats what i was thinking. Infantry and light vechiles (war walkers) are what i prefer to use rather than lumbering behemoths.

  4. I can confirm these as true a's I saw a brochure gw stores are getting with all the formations in! There were so many cool ones! Saw a space marine one called honour of the chapter? which had all the company masters and marenus calagar in it

    1. nice target for my Turbolaser-destroyers >:)

      in the fluff they can´t all die to 1 shoot, but in game they can :D

  5. What's cost of formations? Are they cheaper than old ones?


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