Faeit stared straight ahead, his eyes rolled back, his face clenched in blood. The large mans powered armour crackled with wisps of energy, its chest plate shattered from a massive blow that should of killed him earlier that day on the planet below. What secrets was the Inquisitor now lying witness to? With each image revealed, his body twitched, as unseen predators assailed the Inquisitor from the ether. 

Each week, Faeit's Rumor Tarot will take a look at what rumors came up among the myriad of games that were covered here on Faeit 212. On occasion I will be breaking any weekend developments that were discovered or revealed, so keep a watch out, for on the Faeit's Tarot, you never know what secrets there may be.

Breaking Rumors: Space Marines
Rumors come in sometimes while I am working on posts, and this is no different. Mistwarden has come through with the latest on exactly when we will be seeing our next Warhammer 40k Codex. Earlier rumors had it being released in October, but with this hard hitting release schedule..... September is Space Marines.

via Mistwarden on Faeit 212
Just going to drop this note as been seeing more and more marines stuff being talked about.
space marines to be expected in September as they are GW biggest money maker and as such they want to meet the sales of last year September release which was 6th edition starter set

July 13th Warhammer 40k will get the next version of Apocalypse. This supplement is long awaited to be updated to 6th edition, and its definitely coming. Pictured leaks from the July White Dwarf revealed a Necron Monolith of Doom and a Khorne Skulldozer. 

So what else was revealed this last week for Apocalypse?

via BramGaunt over on Warseer
1st: There is a new rulebook, if anyone still questioned that. Complete overhaul. The scale of additional shenanigans will be the same as with a regular rulebook, as well as limited items. Probably a collectors- and a gamers edition aswell (allthough I am only guessing that!).

2nd: The kits we have seen so far cover all the miniatures there will be for now (Khorne "Skulldozer" and Necron "Monolith of Doom + 2D6"). However, there are three new pieces of terrain, which apperantly are of apocalyptic size. A different source told me of a 'commad citadel' behind which the Wraithknight could easily hide. 

3rd: Releasedate is the 13th of July, with Preorders starting the 29th (with the new WD, as usual). This is GW's big release this year.

via Best_Pone on Warseer
You'll also get some fortifications - giant gun/missile emplacements and the like. These are also designed to hook up with the Wall of Martyrs terrain.
As well as the Apocalypse rulebook, there's also a collector's edition and a gamer's edition.

via Opatija on Warseer
got some quick information about the upcoming release. It´s "just" what the employees were told

- Apocalyspe is mostly about formations with some minor benefits for the "units"
- There will be at least 2 waves for mini supply (Some of the missing miniatures will be released when their own 6th codex is)
- Each army is going to get a super heavy, beeing asked about such a huge release, they were told to keep the Allied Forces in mind, leaving Tyranids aside (speculated as an Imperial/SM Multipart kit) which will hit at around 125,-€ (It´s quite possible that the Chaos thing and the Monolith are the only ones! And Baneblades/Shadowswords are accessable via Allied Forces!)
- A large/multi part piece of Terrain fitting to the "Martyrs"-Line (80,-€/50,-€/30,-€)

Gamers Edition - it's going to include templates and dice but one very curious thing was said: "...containing a Apocalypse Rulebook in your language"

It was specificaly mentioned. I would not have thought GW might release a English-Only Book....but then i was reminded of Dfts...

Via The Dark General on Warseer
It's a dual kit approx size of baneblade box, but taller model. Makes either the Deathdealer or Lord of Battles.

Also there's a bunch of new data sheets, inlcuding some for those of us that bought multiple NEW models

It's also NOT the only Chaos models coming out, along with a few other Khorne...speedy guys...

Approx price is $125

Eldar Flyer Kits
There is a missing Eldar bomber from the rumor mill, that may or may not be in fact the long awaited Dark Eldar Voidraven. Reports are mixed, and so are the rumors. Either way, something is out there, and even if its the Dark Eldar Voidraven, we are all waiting.

via Bigred over in the Bols Lounge
If you remember, there was chatter for months over TWO Eldar flyer kits that were in production.

The two fighters in the Crimson Hunter/Hemlock box was one AND there was a larger bomber that was sighted by sources. Its possible this bomber is being held for either a second Eldar wave, or Apocalypse. In anycase that bomber didn't ship in the codex-release wave.

The things you will notice compared to the fighter are:

-Lengthier fuselage
-Wider wingspan without the forward curving wings of the fighters
-Dual closely mounted engines per wing (4 engines in total)
-Dual cockpits (pilot and gunner)
-Probably bombs underslung as well

Dropzone Commander
This rumor for Dropzone Commander comes from myself (which is uncharacteristic since I report what is going on, rather than be a part of it. However at a recent event, Valhalla, I spent some time with the creator of Dropzone Commander. A part of the conversation turned to the future of the game, and here is what was revealed

via Natfka on Faeit 212
While an expansion is in the works, so is a 5th completely new faction for the game.

This comes directly from casual conversation, and while I was not given any information on who the race was, I was told that they were are actually mentioned in the rulebook somewhere in the background.

Space Marines
via Puscifer on Warseer
Has anyone mentioned the company masters yet? Marine players are getting some more of the company masters. I believe they're the masters of the reserve companies.

It is the next one to be released, but I was not told about the release date.

The codex is not Ultramarines heavy. There will be a much broader spectrum of Chapters.

There will be supplements for the more famous chapters: Ultramarines, Imperial Fists and White Scars were the ones mentioned. White Scars are the first out the gate.

The cover of the new dex has apparently got Sicarius on the front, while the White Scar Codex has a bike squadron racing towards the enemy.

No clue on authors. Rumour is Ward, but hell, he's rumoured for all of them right?

No rules that I can give you, but you can expect to see loads of new weapons and squads. Possible inclusions are the Land Raider Terminus (I think that's what it's called - it's festooned with Lascannons), a bigger form of Terminator and a rather large Dreadnought that is similar to a Contemptor - only bigger.


  1. I like what DZC has produced so far, and their website has some sneak peaks and new units.

    As for the new race. I think I know who they might be: DZC Rulebook. Page 8. Second Paragraph under the sub-heading LICKING WOUNDS

    "It appeared the aliens were carbon based life forms not too dissimilar to Earth vertebrates in taxonomy. While bearing a superficially lizard-like appearance, they were found to be warm blooded, oxygen breathers."

    These were the from the "few alien bodies brought back" on civilian ships who were fleeing the destruction of Earth and the Cradle Worlds. It was believed at first that they were the Scourge, until it became clear the "lizard warriors" were just the bodies used by the Scourge.

    1. That is cool, I just this morning saw that you had posted up earlier the week this bit. That is an alien I had pulled out of the rulebook yet.

    2. Oops! Forgot I already said that.

    3. It was worth repeating here though.

  2. I'm pretty sure one of those Monoliths of Doom is actually an Aeonic Orb...

    Anyways....when is the new site supposes to be up?

    1. More coming on the new site later today.

  3. I so hope the Voidraven comes out next month. I'd be so happy

  4. i want to field a Cultist formation, GW give me a real box for them plz!!!

  5. Muhreens in September? Sounds promising for a Green Orktoba! The "mystery box" can well be left for a Christmas release alongside The Höbbit.

    1. October is a Fantasy month, November will be the next 40k release after SM

  6. A Cultist formation? What the hell does that have to do with this information?

  7. No one said about SoB Super-heavy or flyers :( (Ok, I know it`s hard to wish, but...)

    1. I wonder if there's anything in the old Epic 40k that had SoB in it, maybe there's some potential Apoc super heavies that only they can use?

      I remember seeing SoB artwork where in the background it had a giant troop carrier/fortress, it was basically a colossal fortified cathedral bristling with guns.
      Failing that, just give those poor, neglected women an uber Penitent Engine, powered by a small group of heretics instead of just one.

  8. "via Opatija on Warseer [...] Each army is going to get a super heavy"

    Including Eldar? Or maybe we already got it with the wraithknight?

  9. Doubt the wraithknight counts as a super heavy. It could be that rumoured flier which could be tiger shark or thunderhawk in size


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