The Inquisitor's psyche had been severely wounded, the psychic blood intoxicating the feral beasts that now hunted his ethereal form. In his current condition, Faeit should not have been divining the weaves of the ether, as his manipulations of those strands called out into the void.... and those calls were being answered.

Each week, Faeit's Rumor Tarot will take a look at what rumors came up among the myriad of games that were covered here on Faeit 212. On occasion I will be breaking any weekend developments that were discovered or revealed, so keep a watch out, for on the Faeit's Tarot, you never know what secrets there may be.

Breaking News/Rumors
Its odd, how the last couple weeks while I have been working on this article, something breaking just appears in my inbox. Loving it.

Xenos terrain fans rejoice, and celebrate. It appears new things are on the way. Not to mention that it appears the scenery and fortifications for Apocalypse will have their own rules that are legal for your standard game of 40k and planetstrike.

via an anonymous source via the Faeit 212 inbox (reliable source)
Not every race is getting a super-heavy, just access to them via Allies.  The focus on apocalypse is new scenery and fortifications, with their own rules, that are legal for games of 40k and planetstrike as centerpieces and objectives.  Expect a lot more racially specific fortifications as well as more "imperial/generic" stuff in 2014 Q2.

Apocalypse is going to be available for pre-order in a few short days on the 29th, however, will not be released until July 13th. We know of two models coming, one for Chaos Marines, and the other for Necrons. The rest appears to be terrain, although I am still hoping for another model or two that have not yet been revealed.

Here are your apocalypse rumors from earlier in the week

via anonymous source earlier today
The new kits alongside the repacking of existing apocalypse large model kits will be in the new boxing.

via Best_Pone
Has anyone mentioned the company masters yet? Marine players are getting some more of the company masters. I believe they're the masters of the reserve companies.

via Old-Four-Arms on Warseer
on the GW site in the description of the Imperial Bunker :

"The Imperial Bunker can be combined with the Wall of Martyrs scenery range including the Imperial Defence Line, Aquila Strongpoint, Firestorm Redoubt, Vengeance Weapon Battery, and the Imperial Defence Emplacement. The only limit to how big your Wall of Martyrs set can be is your imagination (and probably the size of your gaming table)."

Aquila Strongpoint, Firestorm Redoubt and Vengeance Weapon Battery could be the 3 new apoc terrain pieces...

Orks Author Revealed
Orks are rumored to be a ways out still, and yet jumping ahead in the news and rumors category, Orks have been declared to have the author of the codex revealed. Of course there are always rumors that Matt Ward is the author of an incoming codex, but that's not how this one came in earlier in the week. (it was not just speculation)

via an anonymous source (from the Faeit 212 inbox)
Matt Ward is the author for the upcoming ork codex.
Orks are next year.

GW Supported Gaming Clubs
Games Workshop has been turning its stores into what is deemed as recruiting stores by the community. This has led to the closures of battle bunkers, and other stores, while smaller one man operations have increased and spread into other city markets that have never known a Games Workshop store. This has led to less playing at Games Workshop outlets, forcing many hobbyists and gamers to look elsewhere for places to play.

This rumor reveals some of the master plan on where this is all going. Allowing GW sanctioned clubs and events seems like a good move forward.

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
GW employees have been given the go ahead to begin setting up clubs outside of GW stores but using ex GW stock as well as GW support i believe. This may support the idea that they trying to move the gaming aspect of the hobby out of stores and into the flgs & club market.

Warhammer Fantasy
While rumors have been rather quiet, (I need to do some more digging), on the Warhammer Fantasy side of things, it has not been completely silent. Jeremy Vetock is rumored to be doing the Dwarves Army Book, although a release date is still up in the air and possibly quite bit out. After all Lizard Men are rumored to be the next big thing for Fantasy.

via Alebelly_Cragfist on Warseer
I heard whispers that Vetock was going to do/has done the Dwarf AB. Not confirmed, but likely.


  1. God, I That clown isn't doing orks. Ick.

    1. i'd rather have Ward than Cruddace...

    2. I'd rather have strong, exciting rules and list composition than limp, lame, overly reliant on synergy ones. Of their latest releases, Ward has produced better material than either Phil Kelly or Robin Cruddace.

    3. I thought Matt ward had admitted to hating orks.

    4. Actually, he might be the perfect choice when it comes to writing the Ork codex and its fluff. Their wargear and all those gizmos are so weird and funky, not to mention the fluff, there are some funny and insane things there too.. :D

    5. Well actually if you look at some of the more rescent codex updates they seem to be written by the author who wrote the previous version, so if they are following that pattern it will be another Phill Kelly codex.

  2. people still play planetstrike?

    1. The eldar supplement, Iyanden, has planetstrike rules in it.

  3. I call shenanigans on the Apoc release date!

    Its supposedly delayed because of Independance day but...why?

    Thats on the 4th and and GW ALWAYS release new stuff on a saturday which is the 6th!

    so why the hell would it then be released on the 15th because thats a Monday!?

    1. thank you Damo, too much stuff on my desk this morning, I corrected it. The release date is supposed to be the second saturday of July.

      I would suppose its because a large part of the target audience (in the US) would be out on vacation, and not necessarily be going to GW stores. Perhaps sales in the past have caused this.

    2. Well i was actually kinda hoping that it was wrong alltogether.

      I want my stuff *sob*

    3. Can always hope the rumors are wrong. Quite a few different sources online have all pointed to the same thing though.

    4. also GW is based outta the UK. so "delayed because of independance day" seems a bit odd.

    5. it does seem odd. I have thought since we first heard the release was going to be on the second Saturday instead of the first of July.

      I am hoping for a first saturday. I am sure we will get something official tomorrow or early in the week.

    6. There's also no mail running on the 4th, so that could create a big delay. GW may have just decided to avoid that weekend all together to ensure no one gets back-ordered.

      It's like taking your girl out the night after Valentine's Day instead of the night of: you're guaranteed to get a table at the finest restaurant.

    7. The first GW release to fall a day before my Birthday and it looks like its being denied!

      Also sales not being quite as busy on that day is not a valid reason not to release something because if people are going to buy stuff then they are going to buy it regardless. I for one planned to be at Warhammer World on the 6th eagerly awaiting the doors to open... but alas we shall hhave to wait and see what transpires.

      I am seriously thinking of buying another stompa though just in case that gets a price rise!...and i have just spent the last few days making a DIY Lifta Droppa...well it saved me £33

    8. GW disagree that if people are going to buy stuff they're going to buy it anyway, that's why the whole announcing releases only 1 or 2 weeks before started...

  4. Goodbye Waaagh, you will be missed...

    1. Yeah, it'll probably be crappy, just like like Paladins. :)

    2. Nids......pods maybe. That would be great/about time.

  5. Every time I wash my car it starts raining.
    Now I just bought an Aegis Defense Line for my Eldar army and look what happens.

    My voodoo is strong.

  6. Access to super heavies via allies? Nid face. =(

    1. Maybe Nids will be able to ally in Apocalypse...

  7. Wave of fortifications in Q2 next year = Planetstrike 2: Strike Planeter as next year's summer releass?


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