I am going to say that I just love the new Guardians. Their Battle Focus rule is just plain awesome, and if you throw them behind an aegis defense line, alongside a Warlock, expect nothing but greatness. Lets take a look.

Guardian Defenders are now BS4, and still come in mesh armour for that wonderful 5+ save. Guardian Defenders though have a good array of medium to long range weapons to choose from. Not only that, but the unit size can go from 10 to 20 which allows you an extra heavy weapon platform at 20.

So now look at your options: 2 Scatter Lasers at BS4 that can move and shoot. Thats 8 shots. Attach a squad of 20 to a Quad Gun and now you have 12 shots downfield.

Now when the enemy gets close, the Guardians behind the Aegis Defense line excel. Simply move out of it if the enemy is just beyond your range, shoot, and then run (with a re-roll because your fleet). With bladestorm, a roll of a 6 means ap2 shots that auto wound. This means that your Guardians will be extremely deadly to anyone getting too close, especially when you field 20 of them.

Why Guardians behind an Aegis Defense? They can get shrouded, and take that 4+ cover save to a quick 2+ cover save with the simple addition of a single Warlock. The Warlocks primaris power gives conceal, and I know its an 8 leadership to get it off, but that is simply an amazing power, and I think this is where the Warlock excels.

(for those that are not aware, if a single model in the unit has shrouded, the entire unit gets it)

Why 20 guys in the backfield? That is where you are placing your objectives. You need someone to hold backfield objectives in 6th edition. These guys do the trick, and do it well. Hide your Farseer in these squads, and your leadership just went from a measely 8 to 10. Its a good place for him to be hiding while he buffs others in your army with guide and prescience.


  1. Hey, liking the videos lately. I think it would be awesome if you did some videos on the rules for Dark Age or something. I'd watch it.

  2. My counter to this would be that other units do it better. I don't have my codex handy, but for that 20 man squad with 2 scatter lasers and a warlock, that's gotta be close to the cost for 3 war walkers. For holding objectives, 10 rangers are 120 and have stealth and long range guns.

    I think guardians are a "leave at home" unit.

    1. And if something sneaks through and the Rangers get charged, it's basically over for them. I think it really comes down to the situation.

    2. Guardians with scatter lasers 220 Get 8 Str 6 shots, and then quad gun for 4 str 7. They can target transports and other items.
      -Guardians can also just force wounds on units being str 6 is 2's to wound most things.

      Rangers are shooting at other things.. they are not meant for transports different roles.

      Specialty army has to have units in place to deal with specific issues when you play your units outside if their general roles you are hindering your army.

      So really they don't compare. It's based on the rest of your army list as to which would be better to take.

    3. "Specialty army has to have units in place to deal with specific issues when you play your units outside if their general roles you are hindering your army."

      I believe this is the salient point of the eldar.

      Naftka did a video about anti-air and mentioned unit redundancy, he referred specifically that the eldar only have one unit that is capable of anti-air, the crimson hunter, and is excellent at it. He observed that this is a weakness for the eldar becaus ethe only other unit able to do the same job are the dark reapers, who aren't as good. And that the point.

      The eldar have always been and continue to be In this edition, an army of specialists. They have one unit that excels at a job, and maybe couple of other sub par back ups. That's how they have always been designed to play, with each unit do a single job.

      It amuses me the complaints I've seen that eldar units aren't like space marines; they aren't supposed to be.


  3. I'm liking the Shuriken Cannon on the anti grav. It keeps the Bladestorm theme going and with Battle Focus the 24" range is not a problem. Yes, it is 1 less shot, but now that the guardians have bs4...that isn't a problem either. A small tip, don't let the word Defender; scatterlaser range; toughness 3 and 5+ mesh fool you into thinking the unit is a backfield obj holder. You are focusing on the wrong thing. It isn't the guardian but the Catapult that should dictate the tactics and it isn't the small amount of pts you spend on the anti grav weapon either, but the pts spent on the Catapults. They are armed with ASSAULT weapons...ATTACK! Place the objectives further up field and get those catapults firing as soon as possible. Take advantage of the fact they are low on the priority list...

  4. Heh, I'm still gonna playtest your idea though Natfka. Just that my experience with guardians for 17 years screams noooo don't let them be static and left behind. Heh

    1. try placing your aegis defense line a little forward from your deployment zone. Then move up to it.

  5. For the point I just don;t think they are that great for back field holders. Anyone can just sit 18+ inches away and the shrunken cats do nothing. Then units like Sternguard vets with flamers + drop pod say goodbye to the unit and the objective and thanks for the quad gun, or Flamers of tzeench... Fitting units of 20 behind an ADL is just asking for flamer templates, via torrent weapons or just fast moving units with flamers.
    I'll be having burna boyz in a battle wagon soon enough and this is just another easy target for them.
    Your better off taking advantage of Eldar's manoeuvrability and don't deploy any objectives in the back field and use the mid field so you can push forward with everything.

    1. dont forget........

      move 6", run with re-roll, and then shoot. These guys get on average a 22" range with their weapons if they move forward to do it.

    2. Which is why they are ok for catching people people but your suggestion is to move out of the ADL and run back into it so you don't get the double move to increase your range.
      Hence my suggestion to let them play in the mid field as a more efficient use.

  6. In my last game I used Guardian Defenders agressively and it played out really well. I moved 10 of them with Conseal/Reveal Warlock and a Scatter Laser Turret in a Wave Serpent to the middle of the map (there was a Ruin with an objective). Guardians disembarked, ran forward into the Ruin, fired all their guns, killed 8 out of 10 Chaos Space Marines (with 3 dying due to Bladestorm) who were near the objective and than tanked the return fire from 2 units shooting at me via a 2+ Cover save.

    This unit played as a perfect distraction/harassment role while my Wraithblades with Eldrad ans Spiritseer disembarked from another Serpent to put a permanent hold on the crucial objective.


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