The Heavy Support choices in the Eldar codex are very good, and having to make choices of which ones to fit into your lists is not going to be easy. So lets take a look at two more options, the Falcon, and Fire Prism. Both at first glance make excellent choices.

The Falcon, comes with a Pulse Laser, which I really like, and has many options from Starcannons, to Bright lances and scatter lasers. So the Falcon has a good array of weapons that can fit into your lists, and in some situations I can see the Falcon being your top choice.

Taking a Crystal Targetting Matrix allows you to move forward while going flat out and still be able to fire a weapon. This is huge, and is how I see this vehicle being used. Side armour shots on vehicles is precious, and when you can get two pulse laser shots into the side armour of a chimera, its priceless.

Not to mention that Holo-fields gives you a +1 cover saves, so we all know how resilient these eldar vehicles are. At BS4 this is a an excellent vehicle for the point costs.

Here is the issue. The Fire Prism is probably your best choice of the two, which will keep the falcon in a second choice role.

The Fire Prism costs the same as a Falcon without any upgrades, has extremely long range (60"). So overall the Fire Prism will be cheaper, and its Prism Cannon is extremely good. 60" Hvy 1 with 3 modes of fire.
Dispersed: S5 AP3 Large Blast
Focused: S7 AP2 Small Blast
Lance: S9 AP1 Lance

For a very inexpensive vehicle, 125pts, the Fire Prism is an amazing vehicle, but I would be adding holofields to it.

Night Fighting
Eldar have no search lights.
There is one tactical issue with both vehicles though that few people are talking about. Night Fighting. 50% of your games are going to start off it in, and the best way to get night vision on your heavy support choices is by using Dark Reapers. Night Fighting will negate the tactical side of having such a long range weapon for the Fire Prism, so opponents will be seeing cover saves, and the same goes for the Falcon having to be in closer.


  1. if only you went into this level of detail for every codex.

    1. As a long time fan of the Eldar, and someone who has taken the new codex as an opportunity to get a proper list up and running I am loving the detail here.

      Totally with you on the Fire Prism vs Falcon :)

  2. Of course, consider that the FP also loses the transport capacity that the Falcon has. The Falcon can still move 12" and fire both of it's primary weapons. With the CTMatrix it could move fairly far, fire a weapon at full BS and gain a sexy cover save (even without Holo). Add in a scatter laser and you can use Falcon's as anti-air in a pinch. 2-3 falcons would end up with ~2 getting twin-linked Pulse Laser shots. 4 twin-linked S8 AP2 Heavy 2 ain't too bad.

    All that mobility with maybe a squad of Fire Dragons or Dire Avengers inside backed up with Wave Serpents and Jetbikes. Yes please. This is actually what I did last weekend in my first game with the new Eldar.

    I am absolutely loving the new Dex, especially since I got to field some of my favourite old skool metal Eldar like my Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders and Scorpions.

  3. I'd compare the Falcon to the Psyrifleman Dread. They cost the same when the Falcon takes a BL or SL. A BL Falcon is a Psyrifleman Dread that trades Twin-Linked for ap 2. One less shot on the second weapon for Lance, and a small range nerf. You give up the close combat ability to be able to move 12" and fire both weapons. You gain a spare weapon to lose to weapon destroyed, and a persistent cover save. Not to mention transport capacity. You can't however take a searchlight.

    As for the Fire Prism think of it as a Hammerhead that trades 1 AV in the front to become fast. The Prism cannon is a Railgun with better sub-munitions and 12" less range, with a better game against AV 14 in exchange for only being 1 S worse against AV 12 or less. Though again no night fight option here either.

  4. The fire prism is great, because it's an eldar unit which is not specialized... it can always kill something.
    I also love the shadowspinner. I'ts very cheap and its monofilament weapon can make anyone sad !!

    1. +1 I see the Falcon/Prism as AA choices as the Spinner has moved up to AAA, just behind WW in the big leagues.

      More flexibility, doesn't have to even see it's target, and doesn't suffer as much from the "oops" you missed or I made my cover save. It can threaten EVERYTHING, especially with mono=-filament rule and a targeting matrix - pure WIN baby! Love Love Love, but competing with WL and WW plus the other AAA unit, Reapers makes the HS choice a tuffy.

  5. Just wanted to say really nice job on combining the video & short article underneath. It's nice to see someone take on board feedback, act on it and have a much better result because of it. Thanks heaps!

    P.S. Completely agree with you on the Fireprisms, I'm fielding two at 1500 pts and they are amazing, put out a ton of damage and very resilient thanks to holofields, even against shooty Tau/Marine lists.

  6. falcon is better then prism against monstrous creatures especially armour 2 big boys. Against riptides and dreadknights or even the wraithknight i want that rapid high strength mobile firepower. Another plus is the transport ability. Bring along firedragons and put a whole lot of str 8 ap1/2 shots right where you need it. Also against multiwound heavy infantry (draigo wing) i would take the falcon. Against most marine armies edge is definitely with the prism. Land raiders check, terminators check, marine squads check. Excellent against them. Against lighter armies with lots of bikes (ravenwing or eldar) id rather have reapers.The question is what are you fighting? For me one shot no matter how potent isnt reliable enough.

    1. I feel spoiled for choice with my Eldar now

  7. I am having a real problem with the CTM love though. Don't get me wrong it is a nice piece of gear, but being one use only and 25pts makes it almost guaranteed no take.

    Sure you can blaze across the board and hit something in the side, but then what? You most likely just put your armor 12 vehicle in a no win situation so you can kill a transport? Maybe the example you have given is a poor one, but I just think at the cost really kills it.

  8. Other than a few things, cough banshees cough, this dex has provided us with a bunch of viable choices. This is really where we can see the long term vitality of the Eldar army. Take this conversation as an indicator. I think the Prism/nightspinner is more viable of an argument and the falcon needs to be compared to the wave serpent.

    I try to make all comer lists rather than tailoring them to a specific list; tournaments and what have you. I have in my heavy slots a knight, spinner, and prism. I will not have any falcons. Why, when my 2 serpents put out such a fusillade of pain. They also can weather the storm far better. Anyhow, I really like torrent...alot. Its why Hellchickens are so nice; one reason at least. 48 inches and large blast is also very nice.

  9. Well, just imagine a jetbyke rush ( cover save 2+) on turn 1 , then on turn 2 a wraithknight deep strikes in your face. heavy supports preventively strike hard those specific threats those 2 units have ( ignoring cover saves and / or poison guys) . Then you should be fine! it should be fun indeed!!!


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