Codex Space Marines has been said to be next by Stickmonkey and other sources. While it is probably a little ways out still, it seems there are some rumors floating about now.

While these rumors seem to be a couple weeks old, I had not yet read through these.

Please remember that these are rumors, some salt is always required.

via apparently from Frontline Gaming Originally
C:SM - next on the deck.
Given that the consensus seems to be that C:SM is the next codex in the pipes

These are some seriously juicy rumors from a source that has proven to be VERY reliable in the past!

Please excuse the grammar and spelling errors, I am quoting this directly.

Well apparently they are going to break up the dex so it’s not ultra marines heavy, they will have more generic characters then bring out expansions with characters and paint jobs for different chapters, same with the Eldar

So you buy the codex, then get the white scars expansion that gives you upgrades, characters etc. Now this fist come from my [deleted] buddy, it came from another source, but he seems to think that it going to happen.

So according to him the Eldar dex is coming out then there will a Ithilian (spelt wrong) expansionYou will need both books to play with themThis will also happen with the SM

Also there will be a integration of some things from FW into the new dex (weapons mostly) to expand on the current system. As well as a lot more upgrade options, givin ou a tone more flexibility with your lists (like the tau, demons crons did) All these dexes are bringing the game up to 6th Ed rule standard.

So ALL the dexes will be upgraded before they are done (GK, IMPS, NIDS, ORKS, SISTERS, BA, BT) But (if the ruinous are true) then the expansions will work with the dex for Imp Fist, White Scars, Ultramarines, etc.This is not official, my mate from [Deleted] [deleted] says they are gearing up For the next HH book (coming out Xmas) so will keep you posted on that, but it had Corax, Vulkan, the Gorgon as the three primarchs.

Plus a load of new awesome mecanicum, oh plus they have released a new Titan above a war lord but not a emporer, but for the life of me can’t remember the name.

Comes out in the battle of calth(The big ultramarine planet the word bearers invade)

Will let you knowHH book is scheduled for next year, Xmas will see mortarion An I think that’s about ItThe FW stuff I true The SM rumors are rumors But sound very plausible

Oh prob going to be a large Contemptor dread as well.

That sounds pretty awesome and very plausible! We’re seeing that Iyanden supplement codex for Eldar now, and it makes sense that GW would put out Chapter specific books as it is easy money, particularly if they are digital only.

This also ties in with the rumors we were told at the beginning of 6th that there would be supplemental codices coming out, and this ties right in with those mini-dex rumors.

Also, I am salivating at the idea of a giant, super Contemptor like the Riptide or Wraithknight! How cool would that be? And you know that would be a big money maker for GW, too.

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