Alright, I was supposed to get a game in last night, but of course sometimes things get cancelled. so later today I am going to try and squeeze in a game, and see how it goes. So lets get down to buisness on what I am going to field.

This is a rough idea of what I am bringing to continue to test builds and units

2500pts of Eldar
1x Farseer (Warlord)
1x Autarch mantle of launghing god, jetbike, laser lance, reaper launcher

6x Windrider Jetbikes (3) with Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack
1x Crimson Hunter with Exarch

Heavy Support
2x Dark Reapers (3) with starshot upgrades
                        Exarch with Eldar Missile Launcher with Flakk Missiles, Fast Shot and night vision
                        Wave Serpents with Holofields and Scatter Laser
2x Dark Reapers (3) with Starshot upgrades
                        Exarch with Starshot missiles, night vision and fast shot
                        (meant to man the icarus lascannons)
                        Wave Serpents with Holofields, Shuriken Cannon, and Scatter Laser
1x Warwalkers (2) with dual scatter lasers
1x Wraithknight

2x Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannons

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