Alright, I was supposed to get a game in last night, but of course sometimes things get cancelled. so later today I am going to try and squeeze in a game, and see how it goes. So lets get down to buisness on what I am going to field.

This is a rough idea of what I am bringing to continue to test builds and units

2500pts of Eldar
1x Farseer (Warlord)
1x Autarch mantle of launghing god, jetbike, laser lance, reaper launcher

6x Windrider Jetbikes (3) with Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack
1x Crimson Hunter with Exarch

Heavy Support
2x Dark Reapers (3) with starshot upgrades
                        Exarch with Eldar Missile Launcher with Flakk Missiles, Fast Shot and night vision
                        Wave Serpents with Holofields and Scatter Laser
2x Dark Reapers (3) with Starshot upgrades
                        Exarch with Starshot missiles, night vision and fast shot
                        (meant to man the icarus lascannons)
                        Wave Serpents with Holofields, Shuriken Cannon, and Scatter Laser
1x Warwalkers (2) with dual scatter lasers
1x Wraithknight

2x Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannons


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    1. He has 6 groups of 3 jet bikes....or is that 3 groups of 6 jet bikes...

  2. I'm a 40k noob but dont you need 2 troops choices? And only 3 heavy support? Also what do you do about capturing objectives in this list?
    Excuse my ignorance

    1. he has 6 troops, its double foc (notice the 2 fortifications

    2. Ah ok cool:) that makes sense. I appreciate the quick response. As I said before, new to 40k, long time fantasy player. Very much enjoying your channel and blog Natfka

  3. Looks fun - I would probably take three Farseers at 2k+ points. Maybe drop a Wave Serpent and get the extra seer?

  4. What is your wraith knight armed with? I've only had a flick through the codex when in my local store but as far as I can tell your only anti-tank is the crimson hunter and the icarus lascannons.

    Are you arming it with the S10 AP1 guns or going with the sun cannon to scare away terminators?

    You have excellent infantry killing power with your wave serpents, reapers and jetbikes. Thats something Im having trouble getting my head around, that the wave serpent is really a tank first and a transport second now.

    1. all my reapers have starshot missiles. They start in the transports, and when ready disembark and fire their heavy weapons.

    2. I should of started my post with
      'what do starshot missiles do?' haha

      I like the list alot tho. I would love to play this codex but in my game group the other three guys only play space marines/imperial guard. Oh and because ive started chaos daemons they all take draigo and some GK cheese an allied detachment. fun fun fun fun!

  5. I'd love to hear how the small jetbike units go, I'm interested in the idea of them as part of an allied Eldar detachment for a DE army. Before the update I was looking at a mix of them and rangers, but I'm not really sold on the new cheaper rangers.

    Hopefully you hit some Flyers that aren't MCs this time and get a good feel for the Crimson Hunter too

  6. I know this is meant to be a fun list, but just seems way too light on troops and bodies in general..18 troop wounds at 2500 points...sheesh, that's brave!

    Also, is there something I'm missing with reapers? I want to like them so much, but they're so expensive. with the S8 missile they're 38 points each for 1 t3 3+ wound!

  7. I dont see why people think Dark Reapers are so expensive. 30 points base for a 2 shot s5 ap3 Missile launcher. They can move and shoot at full balistic skill, and you dont get jink saves against them.

    A Long Fang with a missile launcher is 25 points, and it cant move and shoot, and you get jink saves against its shots.

    When you look at what else is in the codex these guys seem great!

    1. I guess the difference is that a long fang is S8 for the same cost and can still be used against infantry quite well, plus have +1 tougness. Long fangs can reliably take out most armoured targets at base cost whereas you need to upgrade the reapers. While 2 s5 ap3 is great, I'm not sold on them simply because I would prefer to use other options in the codex for anti infantry purposes. That's just me. Bit considering you that for 2 reapers (upgraded) , you get three long fangs, it doesn't seem a good buy.

      I agree on the mobility being a good thing, just don't think it's worth the 13 point premium...

    2. Longfangs max out at 5 heavies tho and reapers can go up to 10 now, there's very little that is safe from them now before u start throwing psychic powers around. Yes they are vulnerable but u can't have everything.

    3. The exarch is also really good compared to the long fang pack leader, night vision is great to have on a long ranged unit like these, and the tempest launcher is excellent.

      While you can't really compare reapers to units in other codexs (because no one really has a comparable unit), long fangs are the exception, not the norm. Devastator Marines are going to be close to 30 points each with a missile launcher, don't have split fire, can only take 4 heavy weapons, and won't have the move and shoot benefits of the Dark Reapers.

      In a marine heavy meta, these guys are my to to unit for anti marine firepower. I have other, more effective, units for anti tank. (Wraithguard/fire dragons)


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