Games Workshop last week on Friday released a teaser video for Apocalypse, and by far it was the most incomprehensible teaser to date. Earlier today though, Games Workshop stepped up, and this video is much better.

So yes, we are now less than a week away from the release of Apocalypse for 6th edition. Rejoice! Add some battle sounds, and get some voices on there, and remember to duck!

Here is a link to it on Youtube.


  1. GW should really just stop with these's embarrassing...

  2. "derp-a-derp...let's see...buildings...buildings...more buildings...building with legs...Abaddon...a land raider...some fellow battle brothers of the spikes and skulls chapter--ehhhhh, wait a minute!!"

  3. 100% Lame, no wonder they disabled comments...I hope this release flops.

    1. they alwas do that

      Teaser is better than nothing... but not worth the watch caus it shows nothing importance

      They should consider showing something of the new stuff to make it worth it

      these teaser are absolutly pointless otherwise IMO

    2. of*

      i wonder if they are aware that we have all seen the new stuff by now... and we will anyway in a week

      so this is just stupid to not show the new units at least once

    3. Perhaps the trailers aren't so for much for us as for people visiting their site and who don't check all the rumor blogs.
      I have no idea how many people do that though. It could be the rumor blog followers are in the vast majority in which case it would be pretty pointless.

      Still I think these videos aren't so bad. I think teaser like this would be better shown off a week or so earlier an then a second trailer showing release content nearer the date would be better though.

  4. I liked this teaser, it was cute.

    A shame they did the close up fo the titan, considering there is no titan release that we have heard of.

  5. What a waste of time and resourses.

  6. LOL Some of you.

    1) Teasers aren't supposed to show a lot of important stuff, you know, the clue is in the name. The fact that this shows a Warhound and a Baneblade pretty much nails that it's an Apoc release for those mere mortals who stick to normal GW channels and don't have to suffer here.

    2) GW teasers are always done with a model or two, a video camera and some video editing software. Knowing GW, it's probably just two guys who are given like a week to come up with something that doesn't look half-arsed while being leant on by a results-pressured manager.

    I think they do OK, for a company that doesn't have film or game studio-level resources and a massive team to get their trailers and game intros looking perfect. Feel free to do better.

  7. *cough* Drill your barrels. *cough*


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