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Hi Natfka, Since quarantine over here in the uk has allowed me to have a lot of free time, I've spent a lot of it developing my homebrew wargame Primeval Abyssian. It is set in an artificial universe where the physical laws have over time mutated and become the factions in the game. Allthough there are also "non native" factions that are godlike creatures that live in the void between universes that have infilitrated via cracks in the Abyssian too. So far I've got about ten factions with loads more in progress. I haven't unfortuantly been able to do the rules-side due to being unable to playtest so just printing and painting the stuff I've made.

The setting has no gravity, so all of the creatures float - this means you can have games set in the space of the setting, or things like alien worlds, asteroid fields or anything really. I have plans for doing tank-size units for many of the factions too, allthough I guess they are more like small spaceships given the nature of the setting.

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