There is an excellent book out that while I have not finished (got it yesterday from the author), I have somehow read over half of it in less than 24 hours. The book is good in that it gives a very solid and accurate view of just where the 3D Printing industry is right now and what that means for the gaming community. 

Of course I did read a few sections out of order as there was some sections that I just wanted to get right to especially regarding our hobby here tabletop miniature gaming. RPG aspects do not affect me as much and I probably skipped over some of these to get into the meat of the hobby here especially where it talks about Games Workshop and similar companies. 

If you are just getting into 3D Printing and want a very comprehensive outlook on just where its at right now and what is out there, this is an excellent read. 3d Printing is moving so fast right now that it might seem overwhelming on what is possible, what printers are out there, and what it all means. This book gives an excellent perspective on all that is 3D printing. The best part is.... unlike a lot of information out there online that is out of date or just one persons narrow perspective, this book digs in and hits all the points on what its like out there right now in the world of 3D printing.

While I have read quite a bit of it already I do plan on wrapping it up this coming week. There are whole segments of the book that I am dying to dig into. Take a look at the table of contents.

There are entire sections in the book that I have not yet gotten to, including 3d Scanners and other side tech. 

If you are interested in 3d Printing and feeling overwhelmed by it, this book does do a solid job at digging in and filling in your gaps and discussing just how 3d printing is and will be affecting our hobby. 

The book itself is a very low frills book (its about the information- and there is a ton of it) and is currently available at this link. I will leave you with the following excerpt regarding the 800lb GW. 

The author does not take a soft approach on Games Workshop's practices, but also looks at their successes/failures over the years with a critical eye that I feel is necessary as our hobby is moving in new directions. 

Here is a link to the book.
3D Printing for Tabletop Games- Kindle Edition by Christopher D. Winnan

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