What's On Your Table is about what you have on your hobby desk to inspire and share with others in our hobby. Please send up to 8 pics or a short video and send it in to natfka@live.com

I wanted to share some of my Orks. I enjoy having characters that stand out amongst the green tide.

I often used the large warboss as Ghaz before the new model came out but now he is just a very large warboss. He is made using an Assault on Black Reach warboss with a daemon prince torso, plus killa kan arm and legs. 

The weirdboy with LED staff is an AoS Orc warchanter model with warbiker nob arm and the periscope skull symbol from a battlewagon kit. Batteries are housed inside the scrap he is standing on.

I wanted my Ghazghkull model to have a bit more flair so I replaced his mek eye and 2 lamps inside his chin plate with LEDs from Christmas lights. The backpack opens up to house the batteries. I added a couple ork water transfers to his armor as well.

My shock attack gun big mek isn't anything fancy but I just love the model.


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