My Ender 5 Pro is now taking a break and Ive burned through a couple bad spools of PLA and now finally settled on a brand that prints with ease. So very excited about that but also at taking a brief break on my FDM printer while I am doing a Titan..... I will show you a sneak peak at the bottom of the images here.

The bridges are from a different set of terrain and all the other miniatures in there are also 3D printed except for a couple drones from Mantic- but the concrete buildings are a set of 6 from Txarli called Factory City-ruins. They run a Patreon for Terrain and sell on their own site. see the links.

A mix of miniatures in the terrain- Mantic, Makers Cult, Anvil Digital Forge

The Makers Cult Valour Korps Soldier

Anvil Digital Forge Battlesuit and Rotary Autocannon

And for the Preview.......

These are not yet cured, or trimmed up. Just the supports removed

A stl from Aphyrion

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