The Monastus War Construct I have been printing has been a ton of fun. With the exception of one part its all turning out quite good too. 

A couple pics. 

This is from the Aphyrion 3d Printing Patreon. Here is a graphic for how it will end up looking once complete. I have a feeling from where I am at currently it will look even better than in the picture. 

I am wrapping up the torso today and attempting to resupport the Rear Torso.

Nothing here is glued yet, and with the exception of that rear torso piece its all fitting together quite well and printing rather easily. That rear piece that came with the files is just a little oversupported and giving issues with fusing together to things. So I will be reprinting that later this afternoon and then its off to the arms this evening. Really hoping to be complete later tonight or tomorrow.

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