A look at one of the more popular miniatures coming in Warhammer Quest Cursed City, Jelsen Darrock is getting a preview along with the Ulfenwatch (skeletons) in the game. 

via WarCom

The weapon action line for Jelsen’s huge gun, known as Judgement, shows us that when he attacks with it, you get to roll two D8s – a success will cause an impressive 2 Damage but a critical success will cause a whopping 4 Damage!

Those four boxes at the top of the card are for Jensen’s activation dice. You roll these at the start of your turn, then spend them to move Jelsen around the streets of Ulfenkarn and kill the undead villains he comes across. At the bottom of the card are sections for armour and weapons, which can be empowered as your quest continues. 

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