This one is by Absolutely Nothing and again is with the Death Korps of Krieg. Definitely these are worth checking out. This one was released a couple weeks ago. 

via Absolutely Nothing

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The Death Korps of Krieg are galaxy renowned trenchfighters and siege specialists. Their guardsmen stand emotionless against hails of gunfire, artillery bombardment all in the name of atoning for their planet's sins. When a nearby regiment is forced to pull back lest they be completely wiped out, the Krieg 143rd commits to a full frontal charge to regain lost ground. Chaos renegades stand ready to repel the attackers, while the only sign of emotion from the guardsmen are the glint of their gasmasks in the fires of the battlefield. 200 hours of work and a few dozen in sound design, I finally finished this dang 5 minute clip. Pretty big jump considering I only ever done 30-40 second shorts before. It was painful, frustrating and showed me how much more I have to learn, and where my weaknesses lie, but it was fun seeing the final result. Criticism and feedback is HIGHLY appreciated! I'm still a fledgling hobbyist animator who works on animations in my free time between classes, so any and all critique is extremely useful to help me learn to be a better animator! Particular points of note I would appreciate feedback on are Motion, sound design, and pacing. Leave a like if you liked the video (or dislike if you didn't!) and leave a comment with your feedback! Thank you very much for your help! Edit because I forgot: This video is monetised (Thanks YT!) with skippable ads. I'm considering opening a Patreon, but I'm not exactly sure what to offer for that. Lemme know what yall think! I will now take a break from animation, because I still have finals I need to get over with. I expect myself to be back late March/early April, and I have plans to work on a Steel Legion animation next! Until then, stay safe and have a great day/night to everyone watching! Sabaton edit because someone wanted it: My Twitter, where I post art and some random stuff I'm working on:

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