Necromunda is getting a slick looking set of miniatures, the Nautican Syphoning Delegation. In it we see a Master Nautican, a Syphonite, and a Subnautican. Very cool. 

No word yet on when these are coming. Soon.

via WarCom

"a Nautican Syphoning Delegation. Typically, these are made up of a Master Nautican, a Syphonite, and a Subnautican. The Master Nautican is usually pretty well equipped, but they prefer to leave the fighting to their underlings. Subnauticans are the divers that keep the cisterns and reservoirs of Hive Primus functioning, and they wear their armoured diving suits even out of the water. Strangest of all are the Syphonites – they spread rumours that those staffs they carry can bleed water from their victims. I don’t believe them, but don’t get too close, just in case – I don’t want any desiccated Enforcers around."


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