What's On Your Table- ... send up to 8 pics or a short video and send it in to natfka@live.com

Greetings from Czech Republic (EU)

I got back to 40k last year and decided to build some armies I always wanted when I was younger. So I am sending photos of my new death guard. I recently played my very first game with them.

Please excuse fluctuating quality of photos. Some were taken on phone, some made by a friend that knows how to use camera :)

I decided to go with white rather than green, I just like it more.

Daemonic roomba inbound.

Lord Mortarion himself

Tallyman (twice lost in mail)

Merry men of upper shelf


Noxius blightbringer - so my guys can get to middle of table

If it helps your web, please feel free to crop or ask for more photos. Change order ofc, whatever you need.

And one more Mortarion (more light)

That concludes my submission,
Have a great day. If you would be interested, I also have some tyranids and tau :)
Kind regards,
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