OK, color me impressed by April's 3d Printing Patreon from Heroes Infinite. Heroes Infinite now has an add-on tier that brings in your troops for your armies and there is no shortage of options with this release with 5 different troop types options. 

I was not excited about Greek Mythos before, but literally I think watching the preview video blew my mind.

If you missed last month (March)..... you still have a day to get on board to get March and April to have the entirety of the Greek Gods and Heroes of Olympus both Part 1 and Part 2. Really a crazy set that before I saw them I was not all that excited for them. 

Remember there is now a Leader Tier and Overlord Tier. Leader Tier gets all the Gods and Heroes while the Overlord Tier brings in all the Infantry types alongside a supersized chariot that I will let you watch the video to see. 

https://www.patreon.com/HeroesInfinite- Don't forget to check out the March Video as well if you have not seen it before.

April Preview Video

Here are some pics as well from the video. 

March Video- These are available now, but better get on it.

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