OK, Most excellent that we now have The Makers Cult first part live. Its got an amazing release including one of my ultimate favorite Patreon designers Aphyrion! Check out her Asamus War Construct!

The Makers Cult $12.50 Includes 2-3 Monthly releases, Part 1 is live now.

if you are interested in Aphyrion you can also look her up at this link. She specializes in tanks/titans/etc

Literally two of my monthly favorites are right here! I am currently working on some printer issues but will be printing up War Construct first this month. Will share pics as I do it!

March Part 1 is Online!
Part 1 is now live and includes:

  • Asamus War Construct                                         (Aphyrion)
  • Landshark All Terrain Transport                         (Garin)
  • Cyberzerker Bulkers   (Melee)                             (Garin)
  • Valour Korps - Heavy Weapon Teams 1         (Brexitt)

March Part 2 Coming Mid Month- 
  • Iron Hive Xentry Guardians                                  (Sebtheis)
  • Feudal Guard - Militia                                              (Brexitt)
Looking forward to seeing those Militia

Here is a look at some of the files for the Landshark to see what is in here.

This is the largest print item. 

Ive had extremely good luck printing files from The Makers Cult. They generally have done a stand up job having files ready to go and for printing well. I even use the presupports for printing their items, which I don't always do or not able to for many things I print. 

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