What's On Your Table is about what you have on your hobby desk to inspire and share with others in our hobby. Please send up to 8 pics or a short video and send it in to natfka@live.com

I'm building a feral warhammer 40k ork army.. ( wild boyz) 
Orks have always been my first love. Ik was my first orc army 20 years ago. Last years i tried to  start over again, but a lack of sparetime , Kids etc. Made it hard to find my enthousiasm.
Until i started this project 6 months ago. 

Lotsa converting of ork boyz, grotz, squigs... mostly plastic.. I can' t remember being this enthousiastic about our hobby in a long long time.. Most things are w.i.p., like the tankhunters and partly converted squiggoth..

Sorry, for the poor quality of the pictures.

Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for keeping us informed everyday. 
Thank you ( and my game friends ) for helping me find so much fun & Joy in this hobby... 

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