Time to quickly take down those Void Shields with the new Volkite Weapons coming to Adeptus Titanicus. Here is what they will do and just how quickly those shields will last against them. 

via WarCom

volkite weapons are heat rays. They fire beams of energy that set unprotected targets – like squishy humans – on fire. When scaled up to Titan size, they are terrifyingly effective at taking down void shields, as they superheat the protective energy barriers and pop them out of existence.

Volkite weapons are on the way for Warhound, Reaver, and Warlord Titans. They come in two types – volkite eradicators for Warhounds and Reavers and mighty volkite destructors for Warlords.

Basically, volkite weapons destroy void shields at close ranges. Both the eradicator and the destructor use three dice per attack, with a range of 20” for the former and 24” for the latter. They have the Voidbreaker (2) trait, meaning that for every hit, the target has to roll an additional 2 shield saves.

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